Women’s K1 200
Jorgensen, Emma (DEN)  – Bronze medalist Tokyo Olympics. Silver medalist 2018 world championships.
WALCZKIEWICZ, Marta (POL) – Silver medalist at Rio Olympics, fourth at Tokyo Olympics, regular minor medalist at world championships.
STENSILS, Linnea (SWE) – Fifth at Tokyo Olympics, 3rd 2018 world championships.
GENZO, Francesca (ITA) – Seventh at Tokyo Olympics, fourth at 2021 European championships.


WOMEN’S K1 500
JORGENSEN, Emma (DEN) – Bronze medalist Tokyo Olympics. Silver medalist Rio Olympics. 2021 European champion.
CSIPES, Tamara – Silver medalist at Tokyo Olympics, fourth at Tokyo Olympics, regular minor medalist at world championships.
STENSILS, Linnea (SWE) – Fifth at Tokyo Olympics.
NOVAKOVIC, Milica (SRB) – Fourth at 2019 world championships, fourth at 2021, 2018 and 2017 European championships.

MEN’S K1 1000
KOPASZ, Balint (HUN) – Tokyo Olympic champion. Became world champion in front of his home crowd in 2019.
PIMENTA, Fernando (POR) – Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist. Became world champion in front of his home crowd in 2018. Bronze in 2019, silver in 2017.
POULSEN, Rene Holten (DEN) – Hometown favourite, looking to end his glittering career on a high.
YURENIA, Aleh (BLR) – Sixth at London Olympics, fourth in B final at Tokyo Olympics.


WOMEN’S K2 500
KOZAK/CSIPES (HUN) – Combines the legend Kozak with the Tokyo 2020 silver medalist
KHUDZENKA/LITVINCHUK (BLR) – A surprising sixth in Tokyo, the 2019 world champions are expected to be much faster in Copenhagen.
BROEKX/PETERS (BEL) – Another combination that did not perform as well as expected in Tokyo. Won the B final, much stronger performance expected in Copenhagen.


MEN’S K2 500
WALZ/GERMADE (ESP) – Exciting Spanish combination coming together for this new Olympic event. Walz a 1000 metre gold medalist from Rio, Germade was a member with Walz of Spain’s K4 500 silver medal team in Tokyo.
BURGER/BEAUMONT (FRA) – Combines the raw speed of 200 metre specialist Beaumont with the 1000 metre stamina of Burger.
ERDOSSY/KOPASZ (HUN) – Any boat with Balint Kopasz in it has to be fast.


MEN’S K4 500
BELARUS – Same crew exactly who finished fifth at the Tokyo Olympics, so have familiarity on their side.
GERMANY – Totally new crew from the boat which won gold in Rio. Still expected to perform strongly.
SPAIN – A different combination from the boat which won silver in Tokyo, but has plenty of speed and experience.
HUNGARY – Has Tokyo 1000 metre gold medalist Kopasz and K1 200 fourth place Kolos Csizmadia, so should go well.
RUSSIA – Three of the crew who finished fourth at Tokyo Olympics are in this boat.


WOMEN’S K4 500
HUNGARY – Gold medalists from Tokyo. Have dominated this event at an Olympic and world championship level. Gold in London and Rio, and unbeaten world champions since 2017.
BELARUS – Silver medalists in Tokyo, London and Rio, silver medalists at the 2019 ICF world championships.
POLAND – Bronze medalists in Tokyo, this is a new combination. Bronze medalists at the 2019 and 2018 ICF world championships.


MEN’S C1 1000
BART, Adrien (FRA) – Fourth place Tokyo Olympics. Third 2019 world championships.
TARNOVSCHI, Serghei (MDA) – Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist.
FUKSA, Martin (CZE) – Fifth place at Tokyo Olympics. World championships silver medalist, behind Germany’s Sebastian Brendel each time, in 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014.
SCHEIBNER, Conrad (GER) – Sixth at Tokyo Olympics, second 2021 European championships.


WOMEN’S C1 200
LUZAN, Liudmyla (UKR) – Bronze medal Tokyo Olympics. Second 2021 European championships.
BOROWSKA, Dorota (POL) – Fourth at Tokyo Olympics. 2021 European champion, third 2018 world championships.
JACOME, Antia (ESP) – Fifth at Tokyo Olympics.
VINCENT, Katie (CAN) – Eight at the Tokyo Olympics. Fifth at 2019 world championships.


WOMEN’S C2 500
CHETVERIKOVA/LUZAN (UKR) – Silver medalists Tokyo Olympics. 2021 European champions.
CIRILO DUBOYS/NUEVO SEGURA (CUB) – Sixth at Tokyo Olympics.
BALLA/TAKACS, (HUN) – Fifth place Tokyo Olympics. World championship silver medalists from 2019 and 2018.


MEN’S C2 1000
TORRES/JORGE ENRIQUEZ, (CUB) – Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalists. Silver medalists at the 2019, 2018 and 2017 ICF world championships.
CARP/MIHALACHI (ROU) – Mihalachi was half of the boat which finished fifth at Tokyo Olympics.
BARNIAK/GLAZUNOW (POL) – Seventh at Tokyo Olympics.
GARCIA/MARTINEZ (ESP) – Ninth at the Tokyo Olympics.



MEN’S KL1 200
KISS, Peter Pal (HUN) – Tokyo 2020 Paralympic gold medalist. Reigning ICF world champion, the youngest Paracanoe competitor in Tokyo. Is also the reigning European champion.
Da SILVA, Luis Cardoso (BRA) – Silver medalist in Tokyo. Bronze medalist at the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 world championships.
BOULLE, Remy (FRA) – Bronze medalist in Tokyo. WOMEN’S KL1 200
MULLER, Edina (GER) – Gold medalist from Tokyo. Gold medalist in women’s wheelchair basketball at the London 2021 Paralympics, won paracanoe silver in Rio after becoming world champion in 2016. Silver medalist 2019 world championships.
MAZHULA, Maryna (UKR) – Silver medalist Tokyo, world champion 2018 and 2019, reigning European champion.
WOLLERMANN,Katherinne (CHI) – Bronze medalist in Tokyo.


MEN’S KL2 200
SYNIUK, Mykola (UKR) – Silver medalist in Tokyo, 2021 European champion, fourth Rio Paralympics
MANCARELLA, Federico (ITA) – Bronze medal winner in Tokyo, second at 2019 world championships.
MARTLEW, Scott (NZL) – Fourth place in Tokyo, third at 2019 world championships, second in 2018.


HENSHAW, Charlotte (GBR) – Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist, world champion 2018 and 2019.
WIGGS, Emma (GBR) – Silver medalist at Tokyo Paralympics. Gold medalist 2016 Paralympics. World champion 2016 and 2017, world championship silver medalist 2018, 2019.
VARGA, Katalin (HUN) – Bronze medalist in Tokyo.


MEN’S KL3 200
YEMELIANOV, Serhii (UKR) – Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist. Unbeaten since winning gold at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.
KRYLOV, Leonid (RUS) – Tokyo Paralympic silver medalist. World championship silver medalist 2019, bronze medalist 2018 world championships, silver medalist 2021 European championships.
OLIVER, Robert (GBR) – Bronze medalist Tokyo Paralympics


SUGAR, Laura (GBR) – Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist. World championship silver medalist 2019
BARBOSA, Nelia (FRA) – Tokyo Paralympic silver medalist. Reigning European silver medalist.
LABERER, Felicia (GER) – Tokyo Paralympic bronze medalist.


MEN’S VL2 200
RUFINO, Fernando (BRA) – Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist
Da SILVA, Luis Cardoso (BRA) – 2019 ICF world champion, 2018 world championship silver medalist.
MOURAO, Norberto (POR) – Tokyo Paralympic bronze medalist. Portugal’s first paracanoe Paralympic athlete, he is thereigning European champion and won silver at the most recent world championships.


MEN’S VL3 200
VIERA, Giovane (BRA) – Silver medalist Tokyo Paralympics.
CARVALHO, Caio (BRA) – Runner up to McGrath by the tightest of margins at the past two ICF world championships.
WOOD, Stuart (GBR) – Third at the most recent ICF world championships.


WIGGS, Emma (GBR) – Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist. World champion 2018 and 2019.
CHIPPINGTON, Jeanette (GBR) – Tokyo Paralympic bronze medalist.
NIKIFOROVA, Maria (RUS) – Reigning European champion, world championship silver medalist 2017, bronze medalist 2018 and 2019.